UFL Tipovačka – 12. týždeň

UFL Tipovačka – 12. týždeň

Je to tu! Vianoce sú za dverami a tak isto aj posledný hrací týždeň tohto kalendárneho roka. V poslednom kole UFL Tipovačky zvíťazil Ondrej Ryška a iba jeden zápas mu chýbal na postup do záverečného žrebovania. Medzinárodný súboj. Presne takto môžeme nazvať kolo UFL Tipovačky pre 12. hrací týždeň. V ňom sa stretli tipujúci zo susedného Poľska a z teplého Talianska. Myslíš si že o UPeCe florbalovej lige nič nevedia? Sleduj a uč sa!

Dvojicu UFL Tipovačky pre 12. hrací týždeň tvorí Jakub Zbroch (dobrovoľník z Poľska) a Giorgio Silvestri (dobrovoľník z Talianska):


Jakub Zbroch: To be a leader of the UFL means something. If you will look on table, you will see why they are the first. But I think that Rytieri will not give up so easy. – 1 (6:4)
Giorgio Silvestri: Wasabi, they score a lot goals, but in this game they will have little more hard work to score a goal. Rytiers are quite strong too but in my opinion Wasabi will win. – 1 (7:3)

2. Tim hrozy – The Newcomers

Jakub Zbroch: This game will be very important for both teams. Newcomers are on 2nd place in league, but TH are 3rd. It’s hard to say who will win, so the last minutes of 2nd half will be like horror. But for now- tie. – X (5:5)
Giorgio Silvestri: It will be difficult to say, because both teams are strong. TH have a better situation, because they won tournament last Saturday. They are in good mental condition. It’s possible that Tim Hrozy will win only one goal difference. – X (4:4)

3. Budoi Bulldogs 1785 – Kladiva

Jakub Zbroch: After last games BB are „on the wave”, and they wanted to be fit still. But like everyone, they will do some mistakes. – 1 (8:3)
Giorgio Silvestri: Father Jonny is the best, so this is my choice. (:D) But seriously, BB are a good team so they can win in this game. –1 (7:4)

4. Dinosaury v chladnicke – Rychle sipy

Jakub Zbroch: DI-NO-SAU-RY! 😀 A lot of my team-mates from UpeCe teams are playing there, so it’s obviously that they gonna win. – 1 (5:2)
Giorgio Silvestri: Dinosaury are my favourite, beloved and the only one team (also only one who get a tie with WASABI). I know everyone, they have a support from other people, so in every game they are getting better, so they will win. – 1 (7:2)

5. GMA Bulls – Stastne slony

Jakub Zbroch: GMA Bulls are just behind the best 3 places. If the score of game number 2 will be like i said, they still have a chance to be on podium. But for now… – 1 (6:1)
Giorgio Silvestri: I have checked the table of UFL and after hard and long analysys of both teams my choice are GMA Bulls – 1 (10:3)

6. TUCNIAKY – Rysy

Jakub Zbroch: After last defeats both teams are motivated to won this game. One way or another, winner will be only one – these who’s minds will be stronger. For me – it will be Tucniaky. – 1 (5:4)
Giorgio Silvestri: The game will be balanced, they have good and bad moments. Borecky and Holly can make the difference in their teams. Final score its a tie.- x (4:4)

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